Carbonhand protective case

An ergonomic carrying solution for Bioservo’s Carbonhand – a revolutionary product that gives power back to people with impaired hand function.


Carbonhand is an assistive aid in the form of a grip-strengthening glove with pressure sensors in the fingers that sense when the user needs support. When the user initiates a grip, the pressure sensors react, and artificial tendons add the necessary force.

The mission was to create, together with Bioservo, a modular carrying solution for containers and batteries. The carrying solution must enable easy use for people with reduced hand strength and mobility.

The result was a modular protective case with a belt and carrying straps, used to store and connect the motor and battery to the grip-strengthening glove, positioned close to the body.

The choice of materials for this three-piece product is carefully selected for the user’s comfort but also to provide a premium feel. A big focus has been on creating perfect shapes and angles in the belt and the carrying straps to fit different body shapes and provide the optimal ergonomics, but also with a slim feel so that the product is hardly noticeable.

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