MEDPAC Emergency Bag Small

MEDPAC Small is our small emergency bag. In this bag you can fit what you need in an emergency situation. It has room for two inner walls and a middle partition wall and has a modular system that allows you to build the bag yourself according to your specific needs. The new material makes the bag durable and easy to wipe off and and clean. The bag is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and relieve stress on the back.

Art no 120690

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Standard equipment

MEDPAC Middle Insert Mini Akut

Artnr. 116110

MEDPAC Middle Insert Mini Akut

Artnr. 116115

Middle Partition Wall

Artnr. 116123

MEDPAC Middle Insert 1 Standard Mini Akut

Artnr. 120642

Inner wall 2 Mini Akut

Artnr. 120644

Inner wall with 4 pockets and elastic fasteners

Artnr. 120652