Sacci Slipbelt

Sacci Slipbelt is an innovative solution for flexibly carrying your radio control. The belt is available in two sizes, 5 and 9 cm wide. The slipbelt rail has two carabiner hooks that can be steplessly adjusted sideways to suit your control.

The carabiners fit attachment points up to 7.5×7.5mm in cross section.

If you want to carry a PDA or other equipment you need to take with you to work, we also have solutions for attaching it.

Artnr 221873 (Slipbelt 9), Artnr 221874 (Slipbelt 5)

More information & orders

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Standard equipment

Rail with carabiner

Rail with carabiner for Sacci Slipbelt. The carabiner fit attachment points up to 7.5x7.5 mm in cross section.

Artnr. 077197