Sacci Hook Adjustable carabiners

The Sacci Hook is an innovative solution for everyone who carry radio controls at work. With its unique design that is both developed for ergonomics and function it is suitable for several different purposes. With the Sacci Hook, we want to facilitate and streamline people’s work and offer the opportunity to prevent work-related injuries.

As the weight is distributed over both shoulders, you can reduce the harmful load on other parts of the body. The product is hung over the shoulder, without or with tensioning straps around the waist, and is easy to put on and take off. The front attachment plate can be adjusted in height to suit people of different lengths or user preferences.

The hook has a solution for attaching radio controls with metal carabiners. These can be steplessly adjusted sideways to suit many different controls with different attachment points. The carabiners fit attachment points with a cross section of max. 7.5×7.5 mm.

Sacci also has its own production of customer-unique holders if needed for specially designed adaptation.

Artnr 223429

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